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Since a child I have always been slim and active but not necessarily healthy, then when I had my youngest baby things changed and overnight I became a size 22, with zero fitness and the worst eating habits. Fast forward through lots of fad diets before I realised there is really only one true way to make a permanent change, training mean and eating clean!

In 2009 my journey and real passion for fitness began, when I realised it wasn’t just great for my body but my mind too, in 2014 I decided I wanted to know more and embarked on a year long fitness instructor course. In May 2015 I began instructing and haven’t looked back since! I then qualified as a Personal Trainer and after a year of juggling a full time job and my fitness work I decided to take the plunge and make this dream my full time job


We all know the benefits that come with exercise, especially when it comes to mental health. In today’s work-obsessed world, more people are finding it difficult to manage stress, and live in constant worry about something or the other.

At Wiz Lees Fitness we use our unconventional approach to functional fitness to provide you the training to improve your physical fitness but also contribute to your overall mental well-being.

Nov 2014             Studio Cycling Instructor​

Apr 2015              Fitness Instructor Level 2

​Apr 2016              Personal Training Level 3 

​Nov 2016             Events Management Level 3

​May 2017             Insanity Instructor

​Oct 2017              Founding UK Beachbody Coach

​Mar 2018             Advanced Sport & Exercise Nutrition

Jan 2019              Turbo Kick Instructor

Feb 2020              England Athletics Leadership in Running

​Mar 2020             Nutrition for Health & Performance 

May 2021            Awareness of Mental Health Problems Level 2

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Wiz Lees

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The head honcho, the numero uno, Wiz is the owner and creator of Wiz Lees Fitness - Personal Trainer, group fitness and Boot Camp instructor, Online Coach and to top it off is England Athletic Running coach and Nutrition Certified.

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Chris Lees

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Our ex-military Boot Camp instructor, Chris is a qualified fitness instructor with a passion for functional fitness and outdoor adventure.  Chris can also be found instructing Circuits and Power.

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Jake Lees

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The new kid on the block has just  qualified as a  fitness instructor  and he is on his way to being a Personal Trainer too ! Jake was sent from the future with all the knowledge he has gained to show us how it is done.  Jake can also be found instructing Circuits, Power and Boot Camp.